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This Hidden Small Town Near El Paso Is An Instagram Lover's Dream

Marfa has some of the most instagramable spots in all of Texas.

On your next epic Texas road trip, you have to make sure you stop in Marfa, Texas. Just a few hours outside of El Paso, this small desert city has so many amazing art installations, not only would it be hard to miss, but it would also be hard not to stop!

The city has continuously grown in popularity over the years as it has become one of the hot spots for artifactual art. One of the most popular exhibits being a mini Prada "shop" in the middle of the barren desert. They are also known for all of their stunning neon lights around the city. The entire place has a funky, old American feel to it. 

Marfa also has two massive murals of James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor in their classic movie, "Giant." Most of the art installations are minimalistic, including a quirky one that is a cement box you can sit in. 

The city also has a viewing spot for its famous lights. The lights are a mystery to this day as no one has been able to find their source for over 100 years. Most people that go to see the lights believe they are either ghosts or UFOs. 

It's the perfect mix of old and new that will make you feel like you're in a western movie. 

If you're looking for a place to spend the night that is also super Instagram worthy, Marfa is definitely the place to go. 

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