You Can Find A Hidden Speakeasy Behind The Bookshelves In This Raleigh Bar

Bookshelf by day, cocktail oasis by night.
This Hidden Speakeasy Bar In Raleigh Is Only Available When The Green Light Is On

The days of prohibition are long over, but several speakeasies remain fully up and running. There's a certain level of adventure associated with finding them, and they're usually tucked away in the most peculiar of places. This one speakeasy bar in Raleigh, North Carolina operates as a bookshelf during the day and a 1920s hangout at night.  

The Green Light in Raleigh, NC was once the office of an architect, but it's been transformed to a cozy hangout where the strongest of drinks are poured. 

True to its name, once the green light on the outside shines on, you know The Green Light is open for business. It wouldn't be a speakeasy if finding it wasn't an adventure, and it's disguised in an eclectic way. 

The Green Light is located within a prominent bar downtown called The Architect. Once you see the green light illuminating outside The Architect, you can hit both the main bar and the speakeasy. 

Upon entering The Architect, look out for what you think is the bookshelf. You'll have a total Scooby-Doo moment as you pull what you think is part of the bookcase to reveal the steps to a cocktail paradise. 

The dim lighting and themed-decor will instantly take you back to the roaring 20s. The rumor is that things really pick up around 10 p.m., so go before or after depending on what kind of night you're looking for. 

While we've grown accustomed to ordering classics like "Jack and Coke" and "vodka cranberry," allow for your tastebuds to be taken to a whole new craft cocktail world. The mixed drinks run between $11 and $12, but they're well worth it for super fresh flavors. 

This hidden gem joins the rank of most incredible speakeasies in the South, alongside Edgewood Speakeasy and Mata Hari.

The Green Light 

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: High-end cocktails

Address: 108 E Hargett St, Raleigh, NC 27601

Why You Need To Go: There's an adventure behind even finding this enchanting speakeasy and sitting down for the first drink.