Georgia is full of hidden secrets and cool places that most people won't get a chance to see. You have to do a bit of digging and maybe even pull out your inner treasure hunter to discover the best places that are not marked on any map. This is a great time in season to get outside and go discover something new. There's a small hidden waterfall in Georgia that's not difficult to get to, but once there, it'll feel like the city is very far away. 

The Sea Creek Falls is off the Sea Creek Trail near Suches, Georgia. It's a simple half-mile hike to this waterfall with little elevation of only 32 feet. The short hike itself is rated moderate meaning it's perfect for all levels of adventurists. Whether you're the best hiker or just getting your hiking legs, this is a perfect journey for you.

It's interesting that these falls are considered hidden because they're not difficult to get to. It's one of those "hidden in plain sight" areas since it's a straight shot from the unofficial trail from Sea Creek Road and Cooper Creek Road. People have gotten lost looking for this amazing view which makes for a great way to pretend you're on a real mission.

The three-tier waterfall cascades into a shallow pool that's perfect to step into. This is also a great relaxation spot for you, your pup (yes, it's dog-friendly!) and your friends to really sink away from the city and the business of your everyday.

This is a quick and simple hike on a trail that's perfect for a nature walk, hunting, river fishing and just enjoying the great outdooors of Georgia. If you love finding these hidden gems of lush state, you'll love this swimming hole that has emerald green waters or this boardwalk that goes straight through Georgian wetlands

Sea Creek Falls & Trail 

Price: Free! 

Coordinates: 34°46'12.9"N 84°05'41.1"W

Why You Need To Go: It's a hidden 30-foot waterfall that's off the beaten trail, perfect to get away from the city business. 

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