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This Hike In North Carolina Is Ultimate Adventure Goals

When we find a trail with one waterfall, we get excited, but when we find a trail with multiple waterfalls, we have to go explore it. There's nothing better than finding a short, easy trail that comes along with many water features. This hike in North Carolina takes you through a mossy forest and will give you a few surprises along the way. 

Catawba Falls Trail is not only scenic, but it's a fun trail to hike as well, which is something you don't hear often. It's located near Old Fort, North Carolina, which is about 26 miles outside of Asheville

You'll walk through a shaded, moss-filled forest that will take you to several small waterfalls and then to the 100-foot Catawba Falls. 

Even though this trail is mainly uphill, it is not categorized as a difficult hike, which we are very thankful for. Throughout your entire journey, you'll be following the Catawba River which the sound will soothe you while you hike. 

The huge waterfall at the end of your adventure is what you will be working so hard for, but you'll pass multiple smaller waterfalls before you get there. You can even get under these smaller cascades which make for really cool photos. 

As you keep gaining elevation throughout your hike, you'll eventually make it to the famous Catawba Falls. This 100-foot fall cascades over several large moss-covered boulders. The boulders below the falls make for a great place to sit and watch.

Thankfully, this trail is great to hike any time of the year because there isn't much snowfall in this area during the winter, unlike many other spots in NC. 

Catawba Falls 

Price: Free

Address: 3074 Catawba River Road, Old Fort, NC 28762

Why You Need To Go: This scenic hike will take you through shaded forest and past multiple waterfalls before you make it to the 100-foot star of the show.