Sometimes the most rewarding adventures are the ones best hidden. Oregon is full of natural gems and this is one you shouldn't miss. You can take an actual Hobbit Trail in Oregon to the most beautiful secluded beach.

If you've ever dreamed of having wide open ocean shores to yourself, chances are, you can.

To get to the sand, you'll take the easy half-mile Hobbit Beach Trail. All along the way, you'll be immersed within the lush coastal forest.

A lush canopy of trees provide plenty of shade overhead and you'll have the sounds of nature to keep you company.

There are even cool octopus-shaped trees you can see along the way! When you reach the signed trail junction, turn left to continue to the ocean.

The end of the trail is the coolest part. You'll get to walk through an epic 'hobbit tunnel' made from thick bushes.

It's so magical, you'd almost expect an enchanted creature to pop out at any moment

The beach is your next reward. 

Its pristine sand is the perfect place to lounge or post up for a scenic picnic. Who doesn't want lunch and a view?

All along the sand, you'll come across colorful shells and Hermit Crabs scurrying down by the water. There are also plenty of cool tide pools covered in barnacles to explore. 

If you want to explore more of the beach, you can. Follow the two-mile trail next to the Heceta Head Lighthouse and take a long walk along the ocean shores. 

It's an easy stroll that offers a lot more views.

All in all, if you're not much of an indoorsy kind of person, this is the adventure you need. We can't think of anything better than having a secluded forest beach all to ourselves. Add it to your summer bucket list!

Hobbit Trail Trailhead

Price: Free

Location:  91892-91974 Oregon Coast Hwy., Florence, OR

Why You Should Go: You can take an enchanting hobbit trail to a secluded beach in Oregon.

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