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You Can Get Endless Desert Views At This Secluded Resort In Arizona

It's an inn located in the middle of the desert.
This Inn Near The Saguaro National Park In Arizona Has Endless Desert Views

The Grand Canyon State never ceases to amaze us. From red rock cliffs and clear blue water to the vast cactus-filled desert, it's definitely one of mother nature's best masterpieces. If you're looking for a desert-filled getaway, you should check out this inn near the Saguaro National Park in Arizona.  

Only 1.5 hours outside of Phoenix, you'll find an inn located on 38-acres of desert land. The Posada by The Joshua Tree House features five suites, a swimming pool, rooftop patios, and a thriving cactus garden. 

Since the resort straddles the national park's border, it's only a short drive away. During the day, you can hike various trails and at night, you can kick back on the rooftop patio and stargaze. 

The prices vary depending on the room you reserve, however, the cost ranges between $228 - $298 per night. But if you're going with your BFF, you can split and pay only half of the cost. 

The remoteness of the inn makes it the perfect place to take your boo for a romantic night away. Just make sure to find a pet or babysitter, as pets and children under 12 are not suitable at this inn. 

The Agave suite is the perfect option for a romantic weekend away. It is a private upper-level room with a queen-sized bed, private balcony, full kitchen, private bathroom, fireplace, and television. 

At night, you can snuggle up with your boo by the fire pit or go for a night swim at the pool. Either way, you'll have endless desert views. 

If you would rather bring your friends along, opt for the Ocotillo suite. It's $298 a night and can accommodate up to four people. That's only $75 per person. 

The private split level suite has two bedrooms and a private bathroom. It's perfect for an intimate getaway with your close friends.

Whether you're an Arizona native or just passing through, this secluded resort has some of the best desert views around. It's pretty affordable too! 

Posada at Tucson, Arizona

Price per night: $228 - $298 

Address: Tucson, Arizona

Why You Need To Go: If you go with three friends, that's only $75 per person + you'll have endless desert views. 

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