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This Top Rated Hair Clipper Is Still Available On Amazon Canada

It's time to take matters into your own hands.
Contributing Staff Writer
This Top Rated Hair Clipper Is Still Available On Amazon Canada

Normally we'd leave hair cuts to the professionals, but with barbers closed all over the country desperate times are calling for desperate measures: Eventually, you're going to have to cut your own hair. Luckily, there are tons of tools out there to help you do a half-decent job, like Amazon Canada's top rated hair clipper.

The Suprent Cordless Hair Clippers have scored 4.7 stars on the site, with 209 five-star customer reviews out of 268.

For $62.99 - plus free shipping! - you're getting two guide comb attachments, a cleaning brush, and a charger adapter. 

The clippers come with three different speed settings and a precise length adjustment range starting from 1 mm. 

Plus it comes equipped with a ceramic movable blade and titanium fixed blade, making for long-term, no-rust cutting performance, sharpness, and durability.

It’s also power-efficient, lasting up to two hours after a one-and-a-half hour charge. And the clippers are cordless, so you don't have to create a makeshift barbershop around your favourite plug socket.

[rebelmouse-image 25976984 alt="This Is Amazon Canada's Top Rated Hair Clipper Right Now" photo_credit="SUPRENT" expand=1 original_size="400x300"]

If your fade is no longer faded or you're starting to look like a caveman, it's time to put down the kitchen scissors, invest in a proper hair trimmer, and take matters into your own hands.

And if you're lucky enough to have someone at home to cut your hair for you (or maybe you're the one doing the cutting for someone else), then the good news is that Jen Atkin, famous hairstylist, has dropped a how-to video on YouTube.

Watch it below to become a pro with your clippers. Or as close to a pro as possible, that is.

If you're one of the unlucky ones and have to tackle it by yourself, be sure to read a few tutorials on how to properly cut hair first. Shaving it all off shouldn't have to be your only option.

    Jennifer Browne
    Contributing Staff Writer
    Jennifer Browne is a Contributing Staff Writer for the Studio department focused on sponsored content and is based in Toronto, Canada.
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