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This is EXACTLY How Kim Kardashian Does Her Perfect Contour

Kan you keep up?
This is EXACTLY How Kim Kardashian Does Her Perfect Contour

Last week, the one and only Kim K West released the deets on how she does her makeup, specifically, her famous Kardashian contour. And I mean, giiiirrrllll... who doesn't want to look like Kim K?

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Especially with the roll out of her new cosmetic line, KKW Beauty - which according to Harper's BAZAAR instantly sold out and racked in $14 million, how can she not give back and show you how to perfect the Kim look.

‪Just five days to go until my @kkwbeauty Crème Contour and Highlight Kits launch! I'm launching four kits... light, medium, dark and deep dark, to complement all skin tones. Each kit comes with a dual-ended contour stick, a dual-ended highlight stick that has a matte and shimmer highlight, and the perfect brush and sponge blending tool! I love how many shades we have, and how versatile these kits are!

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Using her contour and highlighting kit, she showed the world how she achieves her look via live Instagram streamIf you missed it, no need to panic. We've tracked down her Youtube video and we're about to give you the rundown on how she does her "everyday-all-natural-five-minute" make up look using her KKW Beauty Crème Contour and Highlight Kit.

Here's the Kim look:

Step 1: "Prep skin with moisturizer." Duh, how else are you going to get the Kim K glow?

Step 2: "Use matte highlighter to brighten areas you want to conceal." Kim applies it on the front of her forehead, underneath her eyes, around her nose and on her chin.

Step 3: "Use lighter contour to slim down nose." Contour how you like, but Kim likes to use a bit just on the tip of her nose to give her the illusion of a shorter nose.

Step 4: Use the darker contouring shade to define cheekbones and edges of the face in a "3 shape". Kim likes a "short forehead" so she puts extra on her temples and top of her forehead.

Step 5: Blend with brush in small circular motions. Start with the forehead and then blend out the "3 shape". When blending around the nose, also blend the product into the eyelids to darken the lids for depth.

Step 6: Wet the sponge ever so slightly just so it's damp, and blend the highlight. Use your finger and left over contour product on brush to blend and even out your complexion.

Step 7: Line your lips with the lighter contour and blend with fingers into lips to give them some colour and pouting power.

Step 8: Use the darker contour colour as a bronze eyeshadow. Line underneath the eyes as well as on the lids, and blend with your fingers.

Step 9: HIGHLIGHT! HIGHLIGHT! HIGHLIGHT! Use the highlight with matte or shimmer to line underneath the eyebrows and waterline. Use it on the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, and cupid's bow, then blend. And if you REALLY want to go all out, even use it on your collar bones and shoulder, and blend. Gotta shine like Kim, amiright?

Step 10: Set your makeup with translucent powder so it stays put all day. And you're almost done...

Step 11: Finally, warm up your overall complexion by adding a bit of the medium colour on the cheeks and blend.


I mean you probably won't look like Kim but you'll be thiiiiiis much closer to achieving her gorgeous cheekbones and beautifully sculpted face.

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And if that wasn't enough for you, here's the video!

Happy contour and highlighting!

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