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This Is Exactly How Much Millie Bobby Brown Is Getting Paid For Season 3 Of Stranger Things

Holy cannoli. We're completely shook by this new information. The kids from Stranger Things recently renegotiated their contracts for season three of Stranger Things - but now we've found out that one star is going to get paid waaaay more than the rest.

You've guessed it, Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven is getting a bit more dough next season than we originally expected. 

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She was reportedly going to get paid approximately $25,000 per episode for season three of Stranger Things. In season two, the kids were reportedly earning $24,000 per episode. 

As previously reported, last month the cast of kids renegotiated their pay and it was decided that each kid would get around $250,000 per episode! Wowwwww! 

But, Millie's raise is going to be even more. She will apparently be earning as much as $350,000 which would match the salaries of the adult stars of the show. 

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If you do the math, that means for a nine-episode season, Millie will get paid about $3.15 million dollars which is a ton more than she originally expected.

I mean, she is eleven - so she kinda deserves it, right?

Source: TMZ