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This Is How Much Cannabis Costs In Each Canadian Province And The Price Differences Are Unbelievable

Cannabis and medical marijuana have easily become the hottest topics in Canada throughout the year so far. Ever since the road to legalized marijuana began, it seems nobody can stop talking about the drug's impending legalization.

Of course, while the drug will be legal across the country, it seems there's going to be a pretty decent price jump for some provinces and territories. That is, if the government plans to follow through with their proposed $10 + tax/gram price point

The map below shows a pretty big distinction in price between certain provinces and territories. The Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut seem to be footing the biggest bill. Bu,t that doesn't come as a huge surprise, considering a can of Coke can run you up to $12 in those areas of the country. So, it seems that those parts of Canada will be the only ones either paying the same or even less for their bud once it's legalized. 

Via MetricMaps

You might be thinking that the costs look a little low in some areas such as Ontario, where people usually expect to pay in and around $10/gram. Some people must be getting their weed at a steal which would explain the statistics, considering the government did release a ridiculous report earlier this year claiming Ontario, Alberta and Quebec saw prices as low as $5 per gram

Via louishansel | Unsplash

So, whether a ton of people are actually only paying $5 a gram or not, if the government thinks that and keeps the price at the proposed $10 a gram, it seems that the switch from the black market to government-approved marijuana will be seamless considering people already pay that now.

In the meantime, we've got 34 more days until weed is officially legal so who knows what changes could come before the big day! 

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