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Don't Panic, Foods With Trans Fats Will Remain Available In Canada For Years In Spite Of The Ban

It turns out not all products with trans fat will actually be gone by September 17th.
Don't Panic, Foods With Trans Fats Will Remain Available In Canada For Years In Spite Of The Ban

While everybody loves a good cheat day filled with their favourite fried treats, it seems those days would be coming to an end, thanks to the Canadian Health Minister. Just yesterday, it was announced by Health Canada that any kind of fried food containing trans fat would soon not be available in the country, with a new country-wide ban on the additive.

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Health Canada did warn Canadians over a year ago that a ban on the food additive was coming- people were still shocked when the hammer finally came down yesterday.

While the ingredient's purpose in common foods is to extend their shelf life rather than influence the taste or texture of any of your treats, the loss of that ingredient is definitely going to change the way your favourite fried foods taste forever. 

Naturally, Canadians were not excited about losing their favourite snacks and meals over a country-wide band they had no control over. Especially considering it will affect well-loved food items like fries, donuts and pretty much everything under the sun in the fast food industry. Some even mentioned that while the ban is well-intentioned, does the government really have the right to make our choices for us? 

I got a better idea how about you take the ban and shove it up your ass and let people decide if they want to eat food with trans fat in it or not. Fucking joke the ban can go straight to hell

September 16, 2018

Hey government of Canada Ontario health department leave us alone we are not sheep.More or less get out of my face

September 16, 2018

Everything will taste like crap from here on.

September 17, 2018

While restaurants are expected to have gotten rid of trans fat in their items by today, that quick turn around time isn't expected for foods that are currently on your grocery store's shelves. While companies selling those foods have been warned they need to start making changes now, you've actually got a lot longer than you think with your favourite treats before they're gone for good. 

It turns out that companies behind snacks and foods you would find in a grocery store have up to 3 years to get their trans-fat-filled products off the shelves. Meaning you'll most likely still be seeing those products on store shelves up until then, similar to what happened with the microbead ban. 

If you were worried that your favourite chip brand was going to disappear from shelves by this week, you've still got a lengthy grace period! While it's definitely nice that Canadians have time to say goodbye to their favourite cheat foods, the move by Health Canada is definitely a step in the right direction to help Canadians get healthier! 

Source:CBC News 

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