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This Is How Much Money Doug Ford Is Likely Making In His First Year As Ontario’s Premier

Doug Ford’s 2018 official salary revealed.
This Is How Much Money Doug Ford Is Likely Making In His First Year As Ontario’s Premier

Ever since Doug Ford was sworn into office this past summer, it seems all Ontarians have heard about since then are budget cuts. From firing CEOs on massive payrolls to constant trims to the budget flooding headlines every day, Doug Ford wasn't joking when he said he was determined to save the province money. 

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Though, with a Premier talking so much about overpaid public sector employees comes the question on how much money Doug Ford is making himself. Especially considering that the last Premier, Kathleen Wynne, was constantly under fire for her spending ways. 

Since Doug Ford wasn't in the public sector until becoming Premier, there aren't any concrete public statistics that detail his current salary. Though there is data that shows what Kathleen Wynne had been making before her departure. Considering the salary wouldn't be subject to heavy fluctuation, it's a fair assumption that Ford will be receiving a similar amount. 

According to the most recent Sunshine List, Kathleen Wynne's salary was set at $208,947 a year. While she was low on the list compared to CEOs who were raking in upwards of $900,000 a year, the amount is still quite substantial. 

Following the release of the previous Ontario Sunshine List, Doug Ford took to Twitter to express his frustration with how much public sector employees make. So, it will be interesting to see if he makes any cuts to his own salary for the sake of the province. Especially considering he immediately targetted CEOs with large payrolls once he was sworn into office: 

They call this the sunshine list, but for hard-working people of Ontario, there is nothing sunny about it. Liberals insiders and fat cats are getting raises while real folks in Ontario haven’t gotten a raise in years.

March 23, 2018

Until Doug Ford's salary is officially released, it seems that the Premier is going to continue to make cuts in an effort to widdle down Ontario's colossal debt. If you are curious about what other members of the Ontario government are making, you can visit the Sunshine List by clicking here

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