For me, a vacation means living with the feeling of relaxation at full capacity, forgetting anything and everything around me. But you know what gives me the exact same feeling? Being in the same room as an adorable little animal.

Well okay, maybe it's not the exact same feeling because I'd be going crazy like a little four-year-old boy at Disneyland, but believe you me, when I'm with a puppy, a kitten, an elephant, or a giraffe, I literally forget anything and everything around me.

That being said, you can easily imagine my reaction when I stumbled upon this beach I've been seeing all over Instagram called "Pig Beach". Why this name? Here are some pictures that should really clear some things up...

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Yes! Exactly! It's a beach literally filled with pigs big and small! More precisely, it's a beach located on an uninhabited island in the Bahamas called Exuma, which is actually a district consisting of over 360 small islands.

"Pig Beach" is populated by a small colony of wild (and ADORABLE) pigs that live on one of the islands that is surrounded by a vast stretch of shallow waters.

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If you are staying in Nassau or any of the islands in the Exumas, you can easily book a day trip to see the cute as heck floating pigs.

"Pig Beach" is accessible by boat, which is the perfect way to also take in the beautiful landscapes of the Bahamas with its breathtaking coastline and stunning natural beauty.

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You can feed the mini pigs, bathe with them in be bejewelled Bahamian sea, and even take the cutest selfies with them to make all your animal-loving friends jealous.

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See you in the Bahamas!

Note: For all those who plan on visiting "Pig Beach", we encourage you to be mindful of the natural site as it is an uninhabited and ecologically sensitive area. Please be respectful of the wildlife and nature.

Source: Naomi Lavoie (Translated from Narcity Quebec)