If you're like us this summer - spending your pay checks on patio drinks and Uber rides - you don't exactly have the cash to splurge on flights. But you also are super desperate to get the hell out of the city and enjoy your summer before we're in parkas again. 

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Lucky for you, there are a few magical days that flight prices drop to a price where we can actually book a ticket without bursting into tears. Though summer tends to be the most expensive time to fly - July being the most painful for your wallet - these late summer dates are the exception to the rule because they signify the "fall" flying season. 

Not all airlines have the same magic dates, so it's important to look at sites before and after these dates to compare prices. As always, compare flights between airlines, set up alerts, and even try using this map to see if the flight you found is really cheap or not. 

These "magic" dates are August 21st & 22nd, for both flights to the Canada, U.S and countries around the world. Your savings all depend on the departure and destination, but you could easily bank 15-20% of what the ticket would cost in peak season, saving you a nice chunk of cash to spend on vacation. 

Source: FareCompare