This Is The Cheapest Internet Provider According To Which Province You Live In

We all waste time on the internet, so don't waste your hard earned cash on it!
This Is The Cheapest Internet Provider According To Which Province You Live In

Canadian winters are so unbearable that we can barely go outside for 6 months straight, so it comes as no surprise that we love the internet. To be fair, most of the world does, but when your country is snow and ice for half the year, you find a new appreciation for staying inside to look at memes. 

Now because we all waste so much time on the internet, there is no point in wasting a lot of money on it, either. Considering how many plans are available out there, the competition is fierce when it comes to the best internet plan you can get. 

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Luckily for us, it doesn't have to be that expensive because there are so many competitors available for internet service in Canada. No matter what side of the country you live on, staying connected to WiFi is a survival necessity.

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So whether you live on top of a mountain, down by the ocean, the west coast, up north in the snow, down south in the city, or stuck somewhere in between we have the perfect plan for you! 

A realistic internet plan would include high-speed internet ( you don't want to wait forever for things to load) and a reasonable amount of streaming (considering everyone and their mother uses Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime). 

Here are the cheapest internet providers depending on your home province! 

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1. British Columbia - Shaw 

If you're living out west, then luckily Shaw is there to hook you up (literally, they set up your internet). Living in the age of avid streaming and social media, you can use their internet 75 plan to never miss out on anything. For $89 a month you get 500 GB of data, which adds up to 160 hours of streaming, plus a 75 Mbps download speed. 

Shaw internet customers also get the benefit of accessing Shaw Go WiFi while on the go and will only have to pay a $50 bill for the first six months. 

2. Alberta - Telus 

In Alberta, you can get an amazing plan with Telus for $95 a month, but for the first six months, Telus will even lower your bill to only $55. You get unlimited data, which means unlimited streaming (hello Netflix!) and 150 Mbps downloading, so you never have to see a loading screen for the rest of your days. Not only that, but you also get PikTV with this plan for an additional $5 a month, giving your more streaming options than ever. 

The bundle is called the internet 150/150 bundle and will make all the nights Albertans spend inside totally worth your while! 

3. Saskatchewan - Shaw 

Like British Columbia, the province of Saskatchewan will get the most bang for their buck if they get their internet from Shaw. Their internet 75 plan is the only option if you're looking for an affordable package where you'll be able to stream and download without going over your limits! 

Luckily for the province, that's easy to draw and hard to spell - the bundle isn't all that complicated. Internet will be $89 a month, but luckily customers will get the first 6 months discounted down to $50. 

4. Manitoba - High-Speed Crow 

For Manitobans, the High-Speed Crow is one of the best options around for affordable internet. Not only is the Fibre-Crucial plan only $55 a month, but it also allows you to have one terabyte of data for tons of streaming, as well as a download speed of  50 Mbps. 

5. Ontario - FibreStream 

While Bell and Rogers are most commonly used in Ontario, FibreStream is offering residents a $55 plan that's simply unbeatable. The Fibre250 Internet Plan has a download speed of 250 Mbps and unlimited data for streaming all of your favourite shows, movies, and music. 

You'll never have to worry about wasting hours on your laptop if you have an amazing plan like this one! 

6. New Brunswick - Rogers 

In New Brunswick, residents can get Rogers Ignite internet 60 planfor the best connection that money can buy. The plan provides unlimited internet data as well as a 60 Mbps downloading speed all for $95 a month.

Like many other providers, they are also offering a 6 month discount on your monthly bill, so you will only have to pay $64 instead! 

7. Quebec - Bell

Bell is really doing good work for Canadians living in Quebec because their Gigabit Fibre plan is literally out of this world. Not only is it available right now, but it's also $20 off for the first year.

That means your bill will be $69 and you will receive unlimited data, 1 Gbps in download speed, plus savings of $240 off a two-year plan. 

8. Newfoundland and Labrador - Bell Aliante 

In case you didn't know, Newfoundland is actually known for their relationship with Bell and that's because they provide "the rock" with amazing internet service. The best plan money can buy is the Fibre 100 package, which will give Canadians unlimited data and 100 Mbps downloading time. 

The package costs $95 a month but if you sign up now, they're offering a discount of $31 off your bill for the first six months, meaning you're only dishing out $64 til 2019! 

9. Nova Scotia - Eyesurf

For all our Canadians out in Nova Scotia, Eyesurf is a new internet company serving Atlantic Canada that's honestly unbelievable. Their motto of "no caps, no contracts, no worries" is exactly what you're looking for. 

They will hook you up with unlimited data and downloading speed of 100 Mbps for only $60 a month. Not only is that price unreal, but you can literally do whatever your heart desires online and still save money. Sign us up! 

10. Prince Edward Island - Eastlink 

For the Islanders on the East Coast, the company Eastlink provides an amazing deal that has been verified HD by Netflix and YouTube. Their Edge plan is $91 a month for unlimited data and 100 Mbps download, but luckily for the first six months, your bill is only $49.

Binge watch whatever you want because you don't have to worry about going over your limit with this plan!

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