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This Is The Cheapest Phone Plan According To Which Province You Live In

Make sure you're getting the best deal for your cell phone plan no matter where you are in Canada.
This Is The Cheapest Phone Plan According To Which Province You Live In

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever other app someone could be using, Canadians are using their phones every single day to scroll through their feeds. Who can blame them? Literally, everything is at your fingertips when you own a smartphone. 

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Of course, a cellphone also comes with a cost and sometimes when that monthly bill rolls around and it can seriously add up. From data charges and using up long distance minutes, there can be a lot of costs included in your monthly statement. 

The thing is, it doesn't have to be that expensive, especially now that Canada has a competitive local market that actually offers some decent plans at fair prices. No one wants to pay a fortune on something that almost seems like a requirement for a society.

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Whether you are living in the mountains to the west or by the ocean out east, communication is a key part of daily life. Using a cell phone has quickly become an essential part of our day, so you may as well get a good deal on it. 

Of course, you need a realistic plan for most Canadians so in this article, we considered unlimited talking and texting, plus an additional 1 GB of data for Smartphones. 

Here is the cheapest phone plan available in your province: 

1. British Columbia - Koodo 

Out west, Koodo will hook you up with a great phone plan that won't cost you a ton. You can get pay-as-you-go-data, plus unlimited text and call for $45 a month. It helps you keep your bill under control when you're forced to pay as you go for data but right now you can also get 2 GB of data for the same price since it's back to school season.

2. Alberta - Freedom Mobile 

Freedom Mobile is making sure that you get more when you pay more. While the best play is $50 a month, you also get a mega upgrade from 1 GB of data per month. The "Big Gig" plan gives you 5 GB of data, plus they're running a promotion right now for an addition 3 GB on top of that, giving you a total of 8 GB of data per month!

You won't hesitate to scroll through your feeds all day long with that plan!

3. Saskatchewan - Virgin Mobile

If you're living in Saskatchewan you can get a great deal with Virgin Mobile. Not only does being a customer there give you discounts to other amazing stores, you can get unlimited call and text with pay-as-you-go data for $45 a month, or pay $5 more for 2 GB!

4. Manitoba - Cityfone

Cityfone offers Manitobians a great package for unlimited calling, texting and 1 GB of data for only $60 a month, plus there are additional bonuses depending on which device you're upgrading to! You can sign up for a two-year contract or pay your phones cost in full for a month to month payment structure! 

5. Ontario - Lucky Mobile 

Lucky Mobile is owned under Virgin Mobile meaning they have great service across the country but finding a Lucky Mobile booth can be rare. Luckily for Ontarians, they can get unlimited text and call with 1 GB of data for only $35 per month or for $5 more enjoy over 4 GB of data for $40 a month.

6. Québec - Vidéotron

In the province of Québec, the company Vidéotron offers an unreal package for people looking for a new phone.  If you sign up for a phone that's only $0 a month your bill will only be $43.95 a month for unlimited texting and calling plus a little data. If you can bear to go without data, it would knock your bill down to $35 per month. 

7. New Brunswick - Public Mobile

Get yourself more bang for your buck with Public Mobile, including a $35 monthly plan for unlimited calling, texting, plus data. You can even bump up the plan for $5 and receive 4.5 GB of data instead of 1!

8. Newfoundland and Labrador - Public Mobile 

You can get an amazing plan from Public Mobile if you're living on the east coast. For $35 a month you can get unlimited texting and calling, plus that 1 GB of data. Plus right now they're running a promotion for $45 that gets you an addition 3.5 GB of data for $10 more a month. 

9. Nova Scotia - Eastlink

Out east in Nova Scotia, the best deal you can get for your phone would be through Eastlink. Their $60 plan seems pricey, but you get unlimited text and calling plus 4 GB of data instead of 1! Plans from traditional mobile outlets like Rogers and Bell were offering plans at $80 per month for this type of bundle!

10. Prince Edward Island - Koodo 

Not only are we starting the list with Koodo it's also closing it off. Maybe that's saying something about their cross-country connection? You can also get pay-as-you-go-data, plus unlimited text and call for $45 a month, with the special bonus 2 GB at the same price for a limited time only!

While these are good deals, some of us need a bit more data than just a GB per month.

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It's always best to take advantage of promotions or discuss a custom plan with your provider that works best for you and doesn't cost you a ton of money per month!

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