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This Is The Horrifying True Story Of Canada's Worst Serial Killer

Warning: the following details are gruesome.
This Is The Horrifying True Story Of Canada's Worst Serial Killer

Amid the arrest of a Toronto man linked to six deaths from the city's Gay Village, a new TV series recounts the similar crimes of another Canadian serial killer known to be the country's worst in history.

Voice of a Serial Killer is a documentary series that unearths shocking audio confessions of the world's most notorious murderers. In an episode aired a few weeks ago, the spotlight was on Robert Pickton, a B.C. pig farmer whose murders are said to have "made the Texas Chainsaw Massacre look tame."

Known infamously as 'The Butcher,' Pickton murdered 49 women, ground up their bodies and fed them to pigs.

Pickton would lure the women from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, an area notorious for its drug dealers and indigenous prostitutes. He'd get them into his car by promising them money, alcohol and drugs. He'd then drive them to his farm where he would handcuff them, inject them with windshield washer fluid, strangle them, hang them to bleed out, gut them and feed them to the pigs.

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Rumours of suspicious activity at Pickton's farm had circulated, but local police would simply dismiss them since they often visited the site and even bought meat from him. It turns out, the meat Pickton was selling them may have actually been flesh from his victims.

In 1997, one woman managed to escape the farm after stabbing Pickton with his own knife. She ran, naked and hurt, straight to the police station and told them everything that happened, but no one would believe her because she was a drug addict. When police questioned Pickton about the woman's allegations, he said she was a hitchhiker he had helped who attacked him and later ran away.

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It would take five full years after that incident for the truth to come out. Pickton's downfall began in 2002, after a passing truck driver spotted illegal guns in his trailer home. When police searched the area, they initially only found the personal items of the missing women. But after sifting through 300,000 cubic metres of soil, they were able to obtain as many as 200,000 DNA samples that exposed his twisted secret.

An undercover cop posed as Pickton's jailmate in prison in attempt to procure his confession, since he had been very uncooperative with police during the investigation. Pickton gobbled up the fake praise given by the cop and eventually gave a confession that sends chills up the spine — he said he wasn't done and wished he could have killed more.

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"I wanted to make one more, make, make the big five O," he said. “I made my own grave by being sloppy. Doesn’t that just kick you in the ass now?”

He would later tell prosecutors that the 49 women they had listed as his victims made up only half of his total murders.

Pickton was convicted of 20 counts of first-degree murder and six counts of second-degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison and is currently serving out his sentence.

Voice of a Serial Killer only airs on the European network CBS Reality, however, you can watch a full documentary on Robert Pickton called The Pig Farm below: