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This Is The Real Reason You Gain Weight As You Get Older

When you were younger, you could probably eat whatever you wanted. And your mom probably always told you that it'll catch up to you one day. We never wanted to believe our moms, but here we are, working tirelessly trying to keep those pounds off. 

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Our moms were right, it does catch up to us at some point and the pounds are harder to keep off. However, it actually doesn't have to do with the food we eat. Of course, if you're eating fast food everyday then that is a factor, but that's not a reason why it's hard to lose the weight you're trying to. 

A change in hormones, less activity and more stress in your life can have a factor on how you carry your weight. Also, we've been told all of our lives that sleep affects every part of our life, and it also has a huge part in weight loss. Your body is in constant stress mode if you're not sleeping enough, and your body holds onto fat when it's stressed. 

However, according to a new study, weight gain as you get older is a factor of losing muscle. The more muscle mass we have, the more calories we end up burning. So if you're losing muscle while getting older, that means you're burning less calories. Once we get older, we start to put others before ourselves and we become less of a priority. That's why it's recommended for us to workout at least 3 times a week to keep building that muscle so our metabolisms can work like they're supposed to. 

In order to keep a healthy lifestyle, make sure you're being active and that you break a sweat when you are active. Keep a diet full of healthy and lean protein, and get the recommended amount of sleep so your body has time to recover. 

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