Puppies are the cutest furry friends you could ever have. For the new year, what better way to make 2019 better than the year before than by adopting an adorable puppy into your home? Happiness guaranteed. Now comes the hard part – what type of dog should you be getting? Well, we're going to help you find your puppy soulmate. We're here to share what type of dog you should adopt in 2019 based on your horoscope sign

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It's all written in the stars, so why not get some help from the zodiacs by figuring out which is the perfect puppy companion for you? Dogs are usually a reflection of their owner, and it's usually best to choose a compatible breed for your personality type and lifestyle. 

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Find out which type of dog is your furry soulmate! Here's which type of dog you should adopt based on your horoscope sign. 

Side note, even if you're not into horoscopes, this article is still worth a read because it is chock full of adorable puppy pics and fun facts about different dog breeds. You never know what interesting things you might find out about puppies or even about yourself and what type is your perfect match based on your personality. 

Aries: German Shepard

Aries is a fiery, dominant sign and needs a dog that can match their energy. That's why a German shepard is perfect for you. These strong, brave dogs are full of energy but also known for being highly intelligent. A German shepard will be a great partner throughout life's adventures and challenges. They are courageous and hardworking, just like you!

Taurus: Bernese Mountain Dog

Taurus loves beautiful things and nice aesthetics – so you deserve a puppy as beautiful as you are. They enjoy being surrounded by love and beauty, but under the surface, they're also fiercely loyal. The bernese mountain dog is the perfect pet for you because it is both stunning and relentlessly reliable, which is everything you would want in a furry friend and a win-win situation.


Gemini: Corgi

Gemini is the most playful sign, so you need a dog who is as energetic and fun-loving as you are. Your perfect dog is a playful pal who can keep up with you while you live life at a million miles a minute. That's why you should adopt a corgi this year! Corgis are sociable, loving, lively and affectionate, which is exactly what you want and need in a furry friend.


Cancer: Labrador Retriever

You're one of the most popular signs and labradors are one of the most popular dog breeds, so it's a perfect fit! You two will become everyone's favourite duo. Not only are you both so lovable but just like you, labradors are also deeply loving, loyal and caring, so they'll make the perfect furry friend.


Leo: Husky

You're a straight-up badass so you obviously need a Husky to match your confidence and strength. Leos are the leader of the signs, just like how huskies are known for being leaders of the pack. Plus, who can resist their captivating blue eyes? This pup is the perfect companion to live life with you and you two will sure be a power duo.

Virgo: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

You're the most practical sign of the zodiac and your ideal pup is one that's easy-going and easy to take care of. You don't want a fussy dog so a Cavalier King Charles spaniel is your ideal companion. Plus, the irresistible cuteness of this puppy will make you melt and bring some softness to your tough side.

Libra: Field Spaniel

Libras don't like being alone, which is why the field spaniel is perfect for you because you will love each other's constant company. The field spaniel is super social and charming just like you and loves to show off their fun-loving side to others. This playful and sweet pet will be your perfect puppy partner through all of life's seasons.

Scorpio: Dalmatian

Scorpio is one of the most mistrusting signs, so you need a puppy you can always rely on no matter what. Dalmatians are furry friends you will always be able to count on. These dogs are highly resourceful. Since Dalmatians are also super outgoing, they're the perfect pup to cheer you up whenever you're feeling down.

Sagittarius: Australian Shepherd

You're the most adventurous sign so you need an energetic puppy to take on the world and explore alongside you. An Australian shepherd will be your perfect hiking partner because this dog loves to run for hours on end and has the energy and capabilities to do so. You two will be able to travel and satisfy your curiosity to explore the world around you as a pair.


Capricorn: St. Bernard

You are the hardest worker of all the horoscope signs, so it only makes sense that your perfect pup would be one who understands what it means to be a dedicated and committed companion. The st. bernard is responsible just like you – it was bred to help with rescue efforts, so they are the ideal pup partner that will always be by your side.

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Aquarius: Border Collie

You're a thoughtful soul and a border collie is pretty much you in dog form. This adorable breed is hardworking and loving just like you, which makes it your perfect furry companion. Aquarius is hard to open up at first and shy among strangers, and the border collie is the exact same way. When you two become comfortable around each other, you will have a strong bond that is unbreakable.


Pisces: Pug

Pisces are super friendly, selfless and empathetic and your pup should reflect and fuel your kind personality. That's why this year, you should adopt an adorable pug into your home. Pugs are as playful, fun-loving and sociable as you are and people will be unable to resist you two and your adorable charm. Both Pisces and pugs simply love, love so it's the perfect match.

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