It's not every day that a popular TV show makes a joke about Canada, especially a pretty serious TV show. This Is Us is known for how much they make their viewers cry and want to call everyone they love, but sometimes they have funny moments that make you laugh out loud. Last night's episode of This Is Uswhich was titled "Unhinged", made a stereotypical joke about Canada but it was pretty on-brand. 

If you've never seen This Is Us, it's about the Pearson family who has three kids, one of who is adopted. It shows their lives at different times, from when the parents met all the way until when the mom, Rebecca, is laying on what looks like her death bed. The show can be confusing if you're only popping in for one episode, but when you watch it from the beginning, you'll know why millions of people tune in every Tuesday night. 

This Is Us is currently in its fourth season and the episode that aired last night was the third episode of the season. In it, you see why Nicky Pearson, Jack's brother, threw a chair through the VA meeting window. A flashback to when he was in therapy brought a pretty hilarious Canadian joke to our screens. 

In the scene, you can see Nicky and his veteran counsellor outside during a session. He starts off by saying, "You know, we're only 80 miles from Canada? I've never been. I almost went once with my brother but I didn't". When the counsellor asks why he's never been, he takes a minute to answer. But when he does, it's a pretty good and solid answer. He replies, "I can't stand maple syrup". 

Of course, that makes the counsellor giggle, as it did many fans. After the therapy session, he is looking and feeling better. He puts his alcohol away and starts talking about his feelings. That's until his therapist confirms that she'll be transferred to Arizona, after which he goes home, starts drinking again, leading to the throwing of the chair. 

This isn't the first time a drama has mentioned Canada. A few months back, The Handmaid's Tale had a Canadian storyline that fans absolutely loved. Two main characters in the show took a trip up to Canada to enlist a U.S. officer but just made it past the Canadian border when one of them got arrested. 

Currently, This Is Us has been renewed for season 5 and 6. However, that may be the end. Showrunners Isaac Aptaker and Dan Fogelman have admitted they have already shot some of the finale, and it may be ending sooner than we think. Whether that's with season 6 or season 20, it's safe to say fans will tune in. 

You can catch last night's episode of This Is Us on CTV's website. While This Is Us season 4 may not be on Netflix Canada for a while, you can see what will be coming to the streaming site this month here