This Is What A $28,800,000 House Looks Like In Canada

Not at all suprisingly they're all in BC and Ontario.
This Is What A $28,800,000 House Looks Like In Canada

Most people have dreamed about their future houses at some point in their lives, whether it's a spiral staircase or a swimming pool in the backyard. But in Canada, seven particular houses completely redefine the term "dream house."

With each of these houses costing at least $25 million dollars, they are definitely not only the most expensive houses on the market in Canada right now, but thanks to their amazing features they are also the most luxurious. 

7. 4552 192 St., Surrey, BC

It may be the least expensive of the houses on this list, but that doesn't mean it's lacking in luxury. This mansion is sitting on over 76 acres of land in Surrey, BC and is one of the most luxurious houses on the market right now with a price of $28,800,000.

Among its amazing features are access to a white-sand beach, a helicopter pad, a vineyard, amazing interior decorating, and so much more.

6. 1 Fawn Bluff Cove, Other Islands, BC

Just like the last house, this one may be under $30 million, but it's still impressive just like the rest. This oceanfront mansion on Vancouver Islands is an amazing nature retreat with a list price also at $28,800,000.

Its features include not only an oceanfront but also a private lake, amazing natural setting, a helicopter pad, and not only one house but four buildings that can hold around 30 people.

5. 1011 W Cordova St., Vancouver, BC

If you think your condo in Vancouver is super expensive you are probably right, but you could also be paying a whole lot more. The fifth most expensive house in Canada is this penthouse in the heart of the city. It's listed for $34,995,000.

Some of its main features are its outdoor terrace with amazing Vancouver views and modern and luxury interior design features.

4. 71 The Bridle Path, Toronto, ON

As everyone knows The Bridle Path is the place to be for Toronto's rich and famous. To call these homes houses would be a bit of an understatement considering they are basically mini-castles. This one, which is the fourth most expensive place in Canada, is $38,900,00.

The main property features are a huge ballroom, swimming pool, tennis court, extravagant gardens, and of course the amazing interior of the house, which has an elevator.

3. 68 The Bridle Path, Toronto, ON

If you and your super rich friend are looking for two dreamhouses right next to each other, this is the second Bridle Path property on this list. At $39,500,00 not only would you be neighbours with your friend but Drake's house is only 3 minutes away.

Some of this property's main features are a pool, tennis court, grand entryway, and a golf cart to get around the huge property.

2. 1243 Chartwell Place, Vancouver, BC

Sitting on just over 2 acres in a historic neighbourhood in Vancouver, the second most expensive house in Canada is this mansion in BC, listed for $39,900,00.

The features of this property are the definition of luxury with an indoor pool, spa, media room, wine cellar, impressive landscaping, and state of the art smart home technologies.

1. 1150 Lakeshore Rd., Oakville, ON

This is not only the most expensive property on the Canadian market right now, but it's also one of the most extravagant houses ever. It's so fancy that it even has a name, Chelster Hall. And the price tag? $59 million.

The main features are private access to Lake Ontario, a separate residence for a housekeeper, a chapel, multiple pools, and even an underground parking lot. Beyond that, the inside of the house is incredibly designed.

Even if Chelster Hall is not in the cards for you, that doesn't mean you can't take a break from the real stress of apartment hunting and imagine just for a moment what it could be like to live in one of these seven houses.