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This Is How Much Canadians Pay For 10 GB Plans In Each Province And It's So Sad

Everybody knows that phone plans in Canada are ridiculously expensive, but it's not until you look at the regional price differences that you get a sense of just how outrageous they really are.

One concerned citizen took to Reddit and posted an graphic that showed what Canadians pay for 10 GB plans in every province and territory. Other than prefacing the post with the title "WTF Bell, Telus and Rogers", the poster included no description with the graphic because it was just that self-explanatory:

Clearly there is an unfairness going on with these wireless plans. The country is suffering from the effects of an oligopoly among the Big Three - Rogers, Bell and Telus. They are giving customers the illusion of variety through subdivisions like Fido, Virgin Mobile and Telus, but are ultimately puppeteering the wireless landscape in Canada.

The other player in the wireless game is the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission), which serves as a regulatory agency for broadcasting and telecommunications. The organization has established a Wireless Code that prohibits providers from charging more than $100 a month in international roaming charges or $50 in data overage fees; however, there is nothing in the Code that works to keep phone plan costs down in Canada.

The Big Three often justify the discrepancies among regional prices by playing the geography card, but people aren't having it. Several commenters across the country spoke out on the issue on the thread:

"I really hope this becomes an election issue. Enough is enough." - star-bucks

"Whoever promises to fix this has my vote. Someone who can identify this as a problem cares about Canadians." - ruler710

"Could they make a law to make regional prices illegal? And what would be the fallout?" - literary-hitler

"The most realistic proposal I've heard is to force them to license their infrastructure to third party companies for a reasonable rate. The same way it already works for cable/internet providers. Then there would be competition everywhere and they would have to lower their prices or everyone would switch to the third party resellers." - Folk Song

"Well, what we usually hear as an excuse for the gouging we get from the telecoms is the fact that Canada is big and people are spread out, so it costs a lot to bring service everywhere. So following that line of reasoning, rates must be lower in Manitoba and Saskatchewan because those places are both so unbelievably densely populated and urbanized that each new tower built will serve tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. This spreads out the cost and creates huge economies of scale. That must explain it, right?" - QNIA...

"It's called having no competition." - belgiumisgreat

If this became an election issue, would you vote for the party that promises to rectify this problem?