Fellow Canadians: have you ever wondered what life would be like if you lived in the United States instead of Canada? Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the culture shock you'd experience from the differences in social traditions (and, you know, because of Trump and stuff). 

But it would go much deeper than that. According to IfItWereMyHome.com, Canadians would have a lot more to lose if they moved to the United States. The website is a tool that allows users to compare two countries based on social, economic and political factors. It uses statistics from relevant studies to make general comparisons of both countries. Between Canada and the US, the website shows that Canada clearly offers the better life.

If the United States were your home instead of Canada, you would...

These facts aren't necessarily the most all-encompassing representations, but collectively, they do provide a decent overview of how life would be like in each country. With that said, the aforementioned statistics should make Canadians even more proud to live in Canada!