This Is What Snapchat's CEO Has To Say About You Hating The New Update

P.S. We don't like change!
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This Is What Snapchat's CEO Has To Say About You Hating The New Update

So do you remember when Snapchat completely resigned the layout of their app last week? Or should I say last month because it feels way longer than a week! Anyway, it seems like everyone in the entire world was screaming through their phone to the creators of Snapchat, telling them to change it back!

Snapchat users resorted to finding hacks online to undo the current update, others created a petition online (which got over one million signatures btw) hoping that the company would reverse the update and celebrities even took to Twitter to plead with Snapchat to change the coveted app back.

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If you thought that begging on Twitter was going to help Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel change his mind, you're wrong. In fact, seeing the angry reactions from users actually makes him happy!

At Golman Sachs's Internet and Technology conference in San Francisco yesterday, Spiegel said that "he gets why people are angry and he's been really happy with the reaction to the redesign". Apparently, the reactions to the update only reinforced his reasoning for redesigning the app in the first place.

He explains that there was a master plan behind redesigning of the app. He explains that the redesign was purposefully made to create a clear distinction between Snapchat's private communication section a.k.a. the ugly selfies you send to your BFF vs. the public communication platform aka the snaps you can see from celebs!

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He explains that the separation is important and that he was worried people couldn't tell the difference between a friend and a celebrity when using the app. Apparently, the CEO of Snapchat just wanted to put you in check and make sure you know that you're not actually friends with Kim Kardashian.


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