When you think of a vacation, you might automatically think of warm exotic adventures. However, more and more people are looking for winter paradises and we have found just the place- the Kakslauttanen Resort, located in the Finnish Lapland. 

You may be wondering what exactly the Laplands are? Well, it is the largest and most North region of Finland that takes up 100,367 km². It's said to look like Santa's workshop for seven months out of the year, since the area is covered in snow and conifer trees, like spruce and pine.

Home to eight national parks, the snow fall usually starts in late August at the highest parts of the area, and by mid-October in the lower areas. If you're from the U.K. this is usually where many Brits flock to for the holiday season.

The winter time here beats winters just about anywhere, from the thick endless ski hills, to the frosty sledge ride, plus the most incredible sights of the northern lights and starry nights.

The real attraction here though, are the breathtaking ice igloos. Yes, you read that right. ICE (well glass made to look like ice) IGLOOS. This is a must-see bucket list item for all nature-loving, adventuring-seekers out there! How incredible does this look?

Have you seen anything more magical?! Especially something THIS magical in the winter? Whether you take this as a tranquil solo vacation, or as a romantic getaway, this place comes equipped with everything you will need. 

Fully isolated on the inside, the ice igloo, or glass igloos, allow for you to experience the captivating night sky to the fullest, by having a totally transparent roof. The basic 2 person room has just a bathroom and surprisingly comfy beds. The reason behind this is to give you the full experience of being in an actual ice igloo, minus the ice. There are also saunas and showers available, but in separate buildings so you can always warm yourself if things get too frosty. 

However, if you do splurge on the upgrades offered, you will be treated to a combination of a log chalet equipped with a private sauna, fireplace and integrated Glass Ice Igloo where you can sleep under the arctic sky. 

The price averages around 300 euros (or $445) per night, for two people. This includes breakfast and dinner. And look at this adorable dining hall! 

If you're not sold just yet, there is also ice swimming and log cabin saunas at the resort itself. Furthermore, the hikes and sleigh rides will take you to some of the more hidden gems this location has to offer. Honestly, I am booking my ticket right now.

So one more time...how stunning is this place?!