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This Is Why Allison Mack First Got Involved With The Alleged Sex Cult NXIVM

This is how she was introduced to the alleged cult.

Allison Mack's involvement in the alleged sex cult was revealed only weeks ago. Allison was arrested for her leading role in the cult and she is facing sex trafficking and forced labour charges. 

Two months ago, Allison was found with the cult's leader Keith Raniere at a resort in Mexico, when they were captured and brought home by police. According to reports, Allison joined the alleged cult in 2006 and worked her way up the ranks, eventually becoming Keith's number two. 

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Now, more light has been shed on Allison's first week with NXIVM and how she first joined the alleged cult. At the time, she had just booked the role of Chloe Sullivan on Smallville and had to move to Vancouver from Los Angeles by herself.

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She was only 18 years old at the time. According to Hollywood Life, she gave up her plans of going to theatre school abroad to become Chloe on Smallville. Her friends say that she was insecure about missing out on college, so she looked for classes and "alternative sources of wisdom". This is how she was introduced to the NXIVM. 

She took courses at NXIVM. She was later introduced to the group's lead members by her costar Kristen Kreuk

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Allison even admitted in her blog in 2007, "I have a tendency to say I am stupid. I [have become] very comfortable chalking things up to the fact that I don't have a 'proper education'". She continued, "The truth is... I am an eternal student, and I am loving all the opportunities I have to grow."

It looks like Allison was looking for education, but was dragged into the world of sex trafficking and crime. Years later, she eventually became one of the leaders of NXIVM's alleged sex cult.