This Is Why Dean Unglert And Lesley Murphy From The Bachelor Winter Games Broke Up

Dean Unglert and Lesley Murphy are the latest Bachelor alums to call it quits. This comes quickly after Benoit and Clare announced the end of their engagement and Ashley I. and Kevin ended their relationship. It's clear that no one from the Bachelor Winter Games has survived their relationships, including Dean and Lesley.

So, we decided that we needed to investigate exactly why these two lovebirds didn't last and what went wrong in their relationship.

The finale of the Bachelor Winter Games aired on February 22nd. Since then, both Lesley and Dean have posted tons of cute AF pictures together all over their feeds.

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They went on a ton of promoted vacation trips together, which makes us wonder if they stuck around for the free trips or if it was actually real love.

Shortly after the season aired, they went to Honduras with another Bachelor alum, Ben Higgins. This trip was at the courtesy of Generous Coffee and Humanity and Hope.

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They attended a wedding together in Georgia. They must've responded to RSVPs so there's no way they were breaking up before then.

The pair also enjoyed a sponsored trip in Dean's hometown of Aspen, Colorado. They took a snowy adventure courtesy of ViceroySnowmass.

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So, when did it go all wrong?

After March 10th aka their ski trip, they stopped posting new photos with each other. This is when we suspect things went downhill.

Dean took his travels across the world to India, where he posted some cute photos discovering the country, whereas, Lesley travelled to Indonesia, Mexico and Guatemala. Being on different sides of the planet probably played a factor in the demise of their relationship.

According to a source close to the couple revealed that "They have been rocky for a few weeks now" and that distance and traveling were definitely a factor. "They are going to continue to be friendly and are on good terms, but their romantic relationship has ended."

On the weekend, Dean indirectly addressed the breakup rumours by posting this on Instagram.

Dean commented on what he believes love is, and how it's hard work and it's earned. He also admitted that he has "a lot of work to do on himself" before he's ready for a real loving relationship.

His statement definitely makes us wonder if there was something that he did to end this relationship so early. Especially after reading Lesley's post.

Here is the lengthy post where Lesley finally addressed the breakup.

It's clear that Lesley was fully invested in the relationship after reading her Instagram post about the breakup. What's more interesting is the line where she says "Out with the old, in with the true".

Fans are definitely speculating that Dean may have been lying during their relationship and that's why Lesley threw in that line about being truthful.

She also said, "it was a long winter, and I'm excited for a new season" - could this be a new season of Bachelor In Paradise?

Let's hope that Lesley gets another shot at love on Bachelor In Paradise!