This summer, pack your bags and head to a desolated area where you can relax and enjoy the best stargazing experience. Shired Island is a paradise located by the Gulf shoreline near Horseshoe Beach that is desolate and perfect if you want to avoid crowded places.

This out-of-the-way paradise offers visitors the best stargazing and sunset watching experience; additionally, camping activities are now offered at the Shired Island Campground site with fees starting at only $10. But do be aware that if you are a non-resident you will pay $20 for a tent. There is pure tranquility and peace at this location with zero traffic. We highly recommend you bring your own food as grocery stores are limited here. RVs are welcomed to camp at this site.

Six miles away from Shired Island there is a historic site called Garden Patch Archeological Site. You will find trails, fresh and saltwater fishing opportunities, and wildlife. However, stay near the shore so you don't miss the good old Florida wonder.

This island is part of the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge and provides activities such as kayaking, boating, and birdwatching. 

It is likely you will spot wildlife at this location such as sea turtles, hawks, jumping mullet and more.

According to Natural North Florida's website you can travel easily to Shired Island from CR351 towards Horseshoe Beach from Cross City and take a left, about halfway, on CR357 to Shired Island, which is located within the Lower Suwannee River National Wildlife Refuge.

Shired Island offers more than just a peaceful stay but a natural environment where you can feel at home. Do not forget to bring your camera as night time is the best time. For more information about this hidden island, click here.