When it comes to the unsung heroes of Southern cuisine, pimento cheese deserves a lot more credit than it gets. The flavorful blend of cheese, mayonnaise and pimentos is more than just a dip - it's a centerpiece that can be crafted into a plethora of dishes. That's why this 2020 North Carolina festival is putting pimento cheese in the spotlight for one day only. 

The 2020 Pimento Cheese Festival is celebrating the cheesy goodness on June 6 with free admission all day. Vendors will line the streets to serve new takes on their classic creations that feature pimento cheese. 

As of now, 25 food trucks will provide all the eats. Each vendor has to feature at least two pimento cheese items integrated into their normal menu.

"We focused on pimento cheese because we were looking to start a food festival that wasn’t being done anywhere else," Program Specialist Of Cary Ryan O’Quinn  said. 

"A lot of people in The South grew up eating it and everyone swears that their mom has the best pimento cheese.

"I think it normally has a nostalgia factor to it and brings back a lot of good family memories with it." 

There are plenty of free samples for you to get a feel of different cheeses at the "Pimento Cheese Market Place," but then there will also be full-sized items for purchase.

Similar to last year, there's so much more than some cheese and bread samples.

Some of the off-the-wall creations include incorporating pimento cheese into ice cream, loaded fries and spring rolls. 

There's so much variety that even vegan pimento cheese is in the cards. 

If you want to witness a truly unique way that pimento cheese can be utilized, you can stick around and enter the cheese sculpting contest, where contestants transform gooey orange goodness into an exquisite art piece.

Pimento cheese is complimented by none other than booze, so the two beer and wine gardens on site will certainly come in handy. 

Outside of everything you can stuff your face with, Downtown Park will be taken over by live local music. This has the potential to be the perfect kickoff to summer. 

Pimento Cheese Festival 

Price: Free 

When: June 6

Address: Academy Street, Cary, NC

Why You Need To Go: You can devour tons of cheesy goodness at this one-of-a-kind summer festival. 


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