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This Latest Change In Jacob Hoggard's Case Has People Furious

Canadians are not impressed with the latest update in the case.
This Latest Change In Jacob Hoggard's Case Has People Furious

It's been 6 months since the original story penning accusations against Canadian band Hedley first surfaced, and life has changed significantly for its front-runner, Jacobo Hoggard.

After Hedley finished their Cageless tour, which they continued "for the fans" in the wake of the allegations, Hoggard has been laying extremely low while waiting for his court date. That wait, though, is going to be a little longer now, thanks to a hearing that took place yesterday.

Hoggard was arrested on three sex-related charges back in July, including sexual interference as well as two counts of sexual assault causing bodily harm. While it was expected he would be facing the court earlier, his lawyer is now saying his court date concerning those 2016 allegations has been pushed back to October 10th. 

While the Hedley fans who have stuck by the group and believe Hoggard's denial of any sexual misconduct are happy about the news, there are many Canadians that are frustrated. Especially considering this isn't the first delay. 

Perks of being a celebrity in your country I guess? Either that or the lawyer has nothing to defend him with. Don’t worry @JacobHoggard your days are numbered you filthy scum

September 12, 2018

Jacob Hoggard stuck in the judicial system.

September 12, 2018

Hey everyone, guess what today is? The day @JacobHoggard's trial will be delayed...AGAIN 😒

September 12, 2018

While the court date pushback seems like a negative thing, many are considering the possibility that the delay is due to more evidence being brought to the table, or another element of the case being brought in. Either way, 2018 has definitely not been Hedley's year. While Hoggard waits to address the court, the Canadian band is on indefinite hiatus, has been blacklisted from Canadian radio, and shunned by their own management team. 

Unfortunately, the new court date has just as much potential to be pushed back as the last date did. So, if you are expecting to see this story end in October, you may have to wait a little longer. We most likely won't be hearing or seeing much from Hoggard until he does finally face the court. Until then, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. 

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