Cute homes on wheels are all the rage right now and not just because they fall in an affordable spectrum. They literally help you declutter your lives as hoarding is just not an option. This affordable tiny house for sale in Washington is all your minimalist dreams come true, plus you can take it with you! 

Located in Issaquah, this cute, custom-built crib is selling for $52,000, which in the Evergreen State's ever-pricey market, could be considered a steal. 

If you've been looking to downsize but want the luxury of a full-sized home, this 200-square foot property has everything you'll need. 

It's built to North American trailer standards, so you can hitch it to a mid-sized pickup truck and literally take it along wherever you go. Meaning: You won't have to bother with hotel fees ever again. 

Can you imagine, it actually comes with a fully-functioning indoor, tiled shower, flush toilet, and a washer and dryer? You've got to see it to believe it. 

The cedar house has stainless steel appliances like an oven, stovetop, propane instant water heater, and microwave.

It even comes with custom butcher block countertops to make you feel like a chef and overlooks a huge picturesque window to take in all the pretty sights while you whip up your meals. 

This 20-foot long space is complemented by not one, but TWO lofts which you can either turn into a cozy bedroom or a private reading nook.

With all the custom cabinets inside, you'll have enough space for your storage needs too. 

While the vinyl floors make the interiors look rich, they have an added purpose, something your feet will be thankful for: They are heated! 

If you've no place to store this, the property is also offering land for rent in rural Redmond for $750 a month. 

Although it was initially listed for $79,999, the price drop on this quaint abode has seen a significant increase in the number of people that have "dreamlisted" it.

And one look at it will tell you just why. 

The tiny-home-on-wheels trend is hot in the Evergreen State right now, so you might find a new listing every other day.  

If your sensibilities are more rustic, you should check out this $49,000-house that looks right out of a storybook. 

Luxury Tiny House

Price: $52,000

Address: Issaquah, Washington

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