With a lengthy stay at home ahead of us, it's a pretty good idea to stock up not only on the things we need (hand sanitizer, groceries, wine) but the those that'll help keep our home life as comfortable and welcoming as possible — like patio furniture, and this super cute macrame chair swing on Amazon Canada you can nab for right around $100. 

Available right now for $100 with free shipping (yes, free shipping!), this comfy and stylish-looking swing chair gives you the perfect place to sit back, relax, and get some much-needed R&R. 

The rope and swing design feature macrame net chair pattern with fringe tassels made from 100% hand-knitted cotton. As for the actual seat, it's made of high-quality iron and can hold up to 265 pounds.

The chair, made by homeware store KINDEN, is portable, easy to hang, relocates almost anywhere, and — for anyone worried about the inevitable relationship tension that comes with assembling furniture — sets up easily in minutes, according to the product description.

At under seven pounds, it's also lightweight and easy to store.  The five and four-star reviews from customers say it's high-quality, sturdy, and super cute in any space.

Hang it from the ceiling, a tree, or any sturdy overhang that can support your weight.

It’s versatile enough to function as a hammock chair for lounging or to display as a unique centrepiece in your living room or bedroom. 

If hanging chairs aren't your thing, you can buy a stand and sit the chair in the corner of your room for the ultimate cozy reading nook.

Stands and hanging accessories aren't included with the chair, so be sure to buy those elsewhere on Amazon Canada!

Once your macrame chair is all set up, add a few pillows, let some natural light stream in, and you'll have instant boho chic.

Who knew this soft and shaggy craft craze from the '70s could be so cute?!

You Can Get This Macrame Chair Hammock On Amazon For Your Patio

If you have to spend all day at home, you may as well make your living space as fabulous and comfortable as possible, right?