What comes to mind when you think of "Winter Wonderland"? Tall, green trees, dusted with white? The snow-capped mountains, standing tall and mighty at the edge of the horizon? A lake, frozen over and glistening with ice, reflecting the grey afternoon sky in nothing but silence? We surprised you with the lake, didn't we. 

One of British Columbia's most beautiful landmarks is none other than Emerald Lake in the Yoho National park. The largest of 61 lakes and ponds, it's often an immensely popular tourist attraction during summer months, with it's name reflecting the emerald green water it boasts. 

The biggest surprise? Is that this pristine body of water is just as beautiful in the winter. See summer? 

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Well how amazing does this lake look once dusted and surrounded by a coat of fresh, white snow? 

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Just as breathtaking, if not more. 

Located right on the lake, the Emerald Lake Lodge is a cozy (and incredibly aesthetic) spot to stay during your excursion. Whether it be a hike, a canoe ride, or skating on a frozen body of water, you're set for a life-changing experience.

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And of course, you won't be that far away from Whistler if you're looking for some world-class skiing and snowboarding action. So if your first thought was to default to somewhere more tropical this winter, I think I'd give it a second thought.