This Map Of Canada Has People Seriously Wondering What's Going On In Nunavut

Canada's biggest territory also has the smallest population

A map of Canada that was shared on Reddit has made a lot of people confused about Nunavut. 

The map, which was originally posted on the subreddit Map Porn shows a representation of roads in Canada. It didn't take long for people to notice that Nunavut was very dark compared to the rest of the country. 

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In fact the most upvoted comment on the thread was that Nunuvut seemed disconnected from the rest of Canada and stating that it must be one of the most isolated places on earth. 

People were quick to jump in with questions about everything from the quality of life, the weather, and the people that live there. 

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Some users pointed out that at least Nunavut must have lots of waterfront property to enjoy in the summers, but others responded that in Northern Canada they are often short and not overly warm. The average temperature in July in Nunavut only ranges from 2°C to 11°C degrees celsius! 

Others asked about the people who lived there, leading to an informative comment thread on the difference between the Inuit, who primarily live in Nunavut, Metis, and First Nations in Canada. 

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Nunavut is Canada's largest territory by landmass, but has the smallest population of all the provinces and territories with around 35 000 people living there. 

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