Harry Potter has cemented itself as one of the most acclaimed stories in modern history. The story of a young boy wizard and his adventures in the Wizarding World has captivated millions of people around the world, and fans can't seem to get enough of it.

While it may be that J.K. Rowling will not write any more books on Harry's story, fans can still indulge in the many Potter-themed destinations and events around the world. In honour of the series' 20th anniversary, here's an epic map I made of the best Harry Potter destinations in Canada and the U.S. If you're a die-hard fan, you need to put these on your bucket list!

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Toronto, ON

Curiosa is a Harry Potter-themed store that will make you feel like you've landed in Diagon Alley. The shop sells Harry Potter-related merchandise that any fan would go crazy for, from cool stationary to home goods.

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The Lockhart

Toronto and Montreal

The Lockhart is a Harry Potter-inspired bar that took its name from Gilderoy Lockhart, a notable character in the second book. The bar serves alcoholic beverages inspired by drinks and potions from the series.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Broadway)

New York City, NY, USA

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a play that centres around Harry's son. The play has been brought over to New York's Lyric Theatre from London, which means Harry Potter fans in North America can now see the show without needing to travel across the pond!

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Chestertown Harry Potter Festival

Chestertown, MD, USA

Chestertown is a small community in Maryland that hosts an annual Harry Potter festival every fall. Visitors live out their wizarding dreams by dressing up in costumes and participating in fun Harry Potter-themed events held throughout the town.

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Bad Owl Cafe

Henderson, NV, USA

Bad Owl Cafe puts a caffeinated twist to the world of Harry Potter. The shop features cool tables with quotes and insignias that give cool Harry Potter references true fans will recognize.

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Harry Potter Conference

Chestnut Hill, PA, USA

A Harry Potter Conference is held at Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia every year. Fun events like Quidditch tournaments and Hogwarts Express rides are sure to please any Harry Potter fan.

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City of Lumos Festival

Aurora, IL, USA

The City of Lumos Festival features awesome Harry Potter-themed paraphernalia, from potions, magical creatures, horcruxes and lots of magical foods.

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Festival of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Edmonton, AB

A Harry Potter festival has made its way to Edmonton's Princess Theatre and Wilbert McIntyre Park this year in celebration of the popular series. From film showings to a stunning remake of Diagon Alley, this festival is a must-visit for any Harry Potter fan.

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Kent Potterfest

Kent, OH, USA

Kent Potterfest celebrates Harry Potter with awesome remakes of iconic story locations like the Forbidden Forest, Gringotts Bank and Diagon Alley. Fans can participate in costume contests, potion classes, scavenger hunts and much more.

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Theme Park)

Universal Hollywood and Universal Orlando

Universal Hollywood and Universal Orlando are both home to Harry Potter theme parks that will make all your Wizarding World dreams come true. The park is designed to be a replica of the main locations in the films, with a realistic Hogwarts at its centre.

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Escaping Hogwarts (Escape Room)

Oshawa, ON

Escaping Hogwarts is an escape room game that will require you to use your Harry Potter knowledge to break out of Hogwarts... Though, you might spend most of your time admiring the beautifully staged room rather than actually trying to break out!

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Roanoke Harry Potter Fest

Roanoake, VA, USA

The Roanoake Harry Potter Fest attracts over 8,000 witches and wizards every year. The city's downtown area is transformed into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and becomes the site of several exciting Harry Potter-related events.

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Harry Potter Festival USA

Jefferson, WI, USA

A Harry Potter Festival is held in the town of Jefferson, Wisconsin every October in anticipation of Halloween. Wristbands give fans access to special events and venues like live Wizard's Chess, a Festival Village, the Greenhouse and much more.

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Transfigured Town

Blythe, ON

Transfigured Town is a highly-anticipated Harry Potter festival that has recently switched its location to Blythe, ON. The town will be completely transformed into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and will host thousands of witches and wizards from across the province.

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Harry Potter Room (Super 8 Motel)

Castlegar, BC

This Super 8 Motel in Castlegar, BC has a superb Harry Potter-themed room that is intricately decorated with all sorts of Hogwarts stuff. Spend a night here to experience what it'd be like to stay at one of the dormitories at Hogwarts!

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Alivan's Wand Shop

Vancouver, BC

Alivan's Wands are beautiful, hand-crafted creations that are made custom for every witch and wizard. In Vancouver, Harry Potter fans can buy their wands at Just Imagine Fun Clothing Inc. on West 7th Avenue.

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