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This Map Shows The Most Common Last Names In Every Country

An interesting way to look at the world.

A map that attempts to plot the most common last names in every country recently surfaced on Reddit, and it made for some truly interesting discussions.

Map creator q1s2e3 used various sources online to generate the map. He especially referred to Wikipedia and for quick-access data.

Smith appeared to be the most dominant last name across the globe, being the most common in English-speaking nations such as the US, Canada, England, Scotland, New Zealand, and Australia. Most of the countries were assigned last names that seemed to make sense based on a country's principal language, while others were a little more surprising:

Check out the map here

Redditors made some pretty insightful observations of the map:

"Peru's probably the most interesting. It's the only most-common American surname to be native. It's an Incan (Quechua) name meaning 'free'." - qoja

"Goddamnit Russia, you were supposed to answer with your last name, not your favourite brand of vodka!" - Priamosish

"I did not expect Korea and Uzbekistan to have the same most common last name." - minuswhale

"Madagascar's most common name is amazing. "Rakotomalala." - plazmablu

"Canada has 2!" - adaminc

"Tan in the Philippines, I'm surprised. I would have thought a Spanish name. Also Murphy in Ireland... Last I heard it was Kelly." - ValyrianKatana

Do you have the most common last name in your native country?

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