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This Map Will Take You On The Most Epic Road Trip Through Ontario Anyone's Ever Been On

Summers are made for road trips. We all know that. But how often do we actually go on them? Probably 0/10 times and that needs to change.

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Realistically most of us use our vacation time in the summer and just end up doing a staycation. That's totally cool, but also how much cooler would it be if you got to explore Ontario on your days off? Sounds like a plan to me.

So to the next person that says they don't know where they would go on a road trip, you're welcome. Whether you want to break this road trip up into parts or do it all in one go, I'm very proud of you for exploring your province.

Don't forget to tag your friends and start planning ASAP! 🚗💨

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1. Calypso Waterpark // Limoges

Calypso Waterpark is an amazing place to spend a day in the summer. With rides for everyone to enjoy, you'll for sure feel like you're no anywhere near home. Plus, if you don't find waterparks fun, who are you?!

via @ver0nicea

2. Eagles Nest Lookout // Calabogie

This gorgeous lookout is an hour drive from Ottawa, and you'll forget you're anywhere near the city. It takes you up and away where you can see trees for miles. Eagles Nest Trail is the way to get up there, and it's about 4 miles. Start the trip off with a little exercise!

via @powell.juan

3. Bon Echo Provincial Park // Cloyne

There is so much to do at Bon Echo Provincial Park! You can camp, hike, fish, swim, canoe, etc. You'll be in awe of the views here, and if your road trip is long enough I suggest staying a few days!

via @flexmelnik

4. Arrowhead Provincial Park // Huntsville

Arrowhead is in the heart of Muskoka, and there is so much you can do here. There are 3 sand beaches that you can relax on, but it's most known for it's amazing private campsites.

via @saralemay

5. Kawartha Highlands // Buckthorn

You cannot miss out on the opportunity to tube down the Mississauga River! This is the perfect place to stop to cool off, stretch, and relax for a minute. Road trips can be stressful and exhausting, so take a couple of hours to float down this beautiful river.

via @maddiewilsonn

6. Wasaga Beach // Simcoe County

Wasaga Beach is one of my personal favs. The beach is super clean and unlike a lot of other beaches in Ontario, there is hardly any seaweed. You'll feel super relaxed here and can catch some sun, and if you're staying a couple of days the houses right along the beach are perfect and super cozy.

via @kaylaforshort

7. Thunderbird Twin Zip Line // Blue Mountains

Did you really think we wouldn't include something adventurous?! If you're sitting in a car all day, chances are you're going to want to get your body moving. What better way than to zip line?! If you're scared, don't worry. You'll get to go side by side with your bae or BFF!

via @ashley.howard_

8. Bruce Peninsula // Georgian Bay

Bruce Peninsula is bound to be one of the most gorgeous places you've ever seen. With hidden caves and the clearest water, you'll feel like you're definitely not in Canada anymore!

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9. Cantara Beach // Sarnia

This urban beach will make you feel like you're in Miami. It's one of Ontario's best hidden gems, and it's so underrated. It's also earned an official Blue Flag status for being so clean and environmentally friendly.

via @rileymcgilvray

10. Long Point Eco-Adventures // St. Williams

Travelling with your bae? This is the perfect date night. Or even if you're with your BFF, you can still have the best time. At Long Point Eco-Adventures, they offer a stargazing dinner at their vineyard that is to die for. Since it's nowhere near the city, you can see the stars so much clearer.

via @dianeferguson

11. Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery // Niagara-on-the-Lake

Jackson-Triggs has an amazing winery in Niagara, and it's 11.5 acres long. They have public tasting hours from 10 am to 6:30 pm Monday through Saturday, so no matter when you take your road trip you'll be able to stop by for a drink!

via @ryanbolton

12. Tew's Falls // Dundas

Tew's Falls is a beautiful waterfall that everyone should experience. The hike up to the falls is super easy, and it can be just a short stop on your way to your next destination. But you cannot pass up this beautiful waterfall!

via @pollylam__

13. Terre Bleu Lavender Farm // Campbellville

Road trips can sometimes be stressful, I get it. So what better way to destress than to walk through a field of 10,000 lavender plants? If you include lavender ice cream, literally nothing is better. Not only is this place super relaxing, but it will make for an adorable Insta pic along the way!

via @narcitycanada

14. Toronto

You're probably so sick of seeing fields while driving, you need to be in a city for a little bit. Toronto is the perfect place to be after driving for so long. I don't even have to mention what to do here, because there is so much. But if you're sick of seeing open fields while driving, taking a break in the city will revive you for the rest of the trip.

via @rachl

15. Sugarbush Vineyards // Hillier

Another vineyard? Don't mind if I do. I mean, you're on vacation so no one can tell you otherwise! If you're a wine lover like I am, you'll love Sugarbush Vineyards. It's located in Prince Edward County and you can even bring your own picnic. So cute!

via @c.shel

16. 1000 Islands Cruise // Gananoque

Ending the road trip off in the cutest town in Ontario. If you've never been to Gananoque before or toured the 1000 Islands, you're missing out. The views are amazing, and the houses you'll see are even more amazing. It will be a nice change from driving all around Ontario, and you get to sit back and relax.

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