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This Massive 2020 Memphis Festival Has Cheap Chicken Wings & Booze

Living in the City on the River has its perks, especially when you think about all the enchanting water views and all the ways you can stuff your face. Both of these elements are coming together in April when this 2020 Memphis festival brings some finger-licking goodness to Tennessee. If you're a wings lover, this hot wing festival is a little slice of heaven on earth. 

The World Championship Hot Wing Contest & Festival solidifies Memphis' place as the wing capital of the South. Over 70 different teams will gather in one central location so you can feast on the best wings from around the globe. 

Even though you'll be tasting the finest quality wings, it won't break the bank at all. Teams aren't allowed to charge for the wings but they'll instead ask for a donation to Ronald McDonald House

The suggested donation is between $1 and $2, so you can easily get full off a $10 bill. Most samples consist of two to three wings, so it's a lot of bang for your buck. 

100 percent of proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House, so know you're eating good for an even better cause. 

Admission is $12.50 and it includes more than just access to the festival. General admission tickets get three "wing bucks," which entitles you to three "party" or specialty wings. 

You won't just be on the hunt for the best hot wing, you'll come across other flavors, whether they be mild, tangy and even sweet.

The fun goes hand-in-hand with the food, and you can compete for a $300 prize in the cornhole competition or try your luck during the wing eating competition.

It's basically like you're on an episode of Hot Ones, but it's a live taping for the whole city to see.  

On the flip side, if you've crowned yourself a wing-making champion in your head, you can sign up to see if the rest of the world agrees.

The winner of the best hot wings wins a $5,000 grand prize, with prizes from $100 to $1,000 following it. 

Hot Wing Contest & Festival 

Price: $12.50 

When: April 25

Address: 450 Early Maxwell Blvd., Memphis, TN

Why You Need To Go: You won't break the bank when it comes to feasting on the best hot wings the world has to offer.