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This Massive Georgia Food Truck Festival In October Will Satisfy All Your Foodie Dreams

If there is one thing all Southerners have in common, it is our love for food and festivals. It is even better if these two come together to create a massive event. Savannah, Georgia is home to a massive food truck festival that will be happening this October and it is free to attend. 

The Savannah Food Truck Festival will be held on October 13, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. This event first kicked off in 2016. It was formerly held in Emmet Park, but because of the growing size each year, the festival has been moved to the larger Daffin Park. The first festival had around 11,000 people show up so you can imagine how many people show up now. 

If you follow the entire outer edge of the park, you will notice a line of food trucks one in front of the other. Even if you are not the best at math, that equals a lot of food and vendor trucks in the park. 

Over 12,000 people are interested in attending the festival according to their Facebook event page. We are a little over two months out from this event, so that number is sure to grow by the thousands. 

There is a food truck for everyone here. At last year's fest, they hosted Chazito's, Big Boy Cookies, Dark Shark-Taco Attack and so many more. You will want to try something from every food truck, we are warning you and your wallet now. 

Aside from your average food truck, there are other vendor trucks that will be in attendance as well. If you have been needing a hair cut (and are using every excuse in the book not to get one) you are in for a surprise. A popular vendor from last year's fest, Barbers of the Lowcountry, will be returning for the festivities this year. They set up their trailer where inside is a mobile barbershop. Don't worry, it's air-conditioned and has glass windows so you can see the uniqueness the inside before you sit in their chair.

There will also be free yoga in the park starting at 10 a.m. Before you get your eat on, you can get your workout on. It's all about balance, right? 

You can easily spend your entire day at this festival because of all the events they have going on. Take your time to look at all the craft vendors they have, participate in a silent auction, or play some yard games in between your snacking. 

If you find yourself needing a drink or two after the festival, there are many options in Savannah that you can choose from. This specific bar downtown has Lucky Charm and Rice Crispy Treat martinis that you can indulge in after your day of stuffing your face. 

Savannah Food Truck Festival 

Price: Free! Food and drinks for purchase. 

Address: 1301 E. Victory Dr., Savannah, GA 31404

Why you should go: This event is free to attend and there will be tons of food trucks, as well as other vendors there. Thousands of people come out every year to experience this.