You Can Attend A Huge Hot Air Balloon Festival In North Georgia On Labor Day

Childhood dream come true.
You Can Attend A Huge Hot Air Balloon Festival In North Georgia On Labor Day

As a kid, you would stop and stare at the hot air balloons that would fly over your house. You would think that they were something out of fairytales and you would never have the chance to actually see one, or even ride in one. You will finally be able to make those dreams a reality at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain. 

To kick off your Labor Day, you can experience a hot air balloon festival in one of the most magical places in the state. This is an all-weekend affair, and take our advice when we say, you should go all three days to experience everything it has to offer.

It is always sad to see summer come to an end after a great few months. This will give you the opportunity to move on to the fall months with a bang and with some fun. 

The party kicks off on Friday, Aug. 30 and goes through Sunday, Sept. 1. On the first night of the festival, you will see tons of balloons glowing throughout the night. Since this is the kickoff, there will be no tethered rides. Bring a blanket and some friends and watch them glow!

On Saturday and Sunday, you can take a wild ride in these balloons, a tethered ride that is. You can choose to go during the day or at night for a totally different experience. It is $10 per person and they will only accept cash for this experience. 

On Saturday, there is a classic car show from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is perfect if you are a car buff or are into the vintage vibe for some pics. 

Not only does your festival ticket let you enter the festival, but it also allows you to escape to explore the rest of the garden's grounds. Callaway Gardens has many trails and different sections, including a beach and a butterfly garden, that you can check out. 

A 3-day ticket is $69.95 which gives you access to each day of the festival. If you want individual day tickets, they are $21.95+ each.

If you are already staying on the property, you automatically get admission to this festival. Callaway Gardens is a beautiful place and would be a great place to lay your head after each fun festival day. 

Hot Air Balloon Festival 

Price: $21+

Address: 17800 US Hwy. 27, Pine Mountain, GA 31822

Why you should go: You will see tons of hot air balloons at the beautiful Callaway Gardens. You can even take tethered rides throughout the weekend. 

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