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This Massive Luxury Home In Quebec Is More Affordable Than Your Tiny Condo In The City

This article was originally published on September 14, 2018.

It's no secret that the housing markets in big cities like Toronto and Vancouver are certifiably insane. But if you're willing to move away from the downtown core to some of the quieter parts of Canada, you could find the home of your dreams. 

Take this massive luxury home in Quebec as an example. With four bedrooms, three baths, a billiard room, pool, wine cellar, and gorgeous interior design, this house is everyone's dream and it costs almost the same price as the average Toronto condo. 

Via Sotheby's

The house is located in the super beautiful and posh city of Lachute, Quebec, which is just over an hour drive away from Montreal. Meaning you wouldn't even be giving up on city life that much to enjoy everything this house has to offer like it's granite counters, multiple fireplaces, and stunning bathrooms. 

Via Sotheby's

The property itself is also amazing, with no neighbours backing onto the house, a beautiful pool, and plenty of greenspaces to make you feel like you're in a backyard oasis. 

Via Sotheby's

Aside from the gorgeous design, the luxury home also has features that you could only dream of having in your lame condo, like a billiard room and a huge wine cellar. 

Via Sotheby's

With some downtown condos costing upwards of a million dollars, it is almost unbelievable that this entire luxury house is for sale at only a fraction of that price, listed for $520,000.

Meanwhile, in Toronto, the average condo price is only slightly lower than that at $501,000 and it's even higher Vancouver, with the average condo price being $690,000. But that just goes to show what getting out of the city can do for your wallet. 

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