With the sheer number of things to do outside in Tennesee, the state should be known as nature's playground. You can choose between several hikes from every corner of the Volunteer State with different surprises on each one. This moderate hike in Tennessee has the most impressive rock formations that'll make you think you're in Arizona. 

Twin Arches Trail is located within the tiny town of Oneida, Tennessee, and it's sporting some serious feats of nature. 

You can opt to take the shorter version of the trail that's only 1.4 miles roundtrip. At the 0.7-mile mark, you come across one of the most memorable features of the hike, Twin Arches. 

The Twin Arches are as the name implies - two sandstone structures that are basically fraternal twins. The North Arch is 62-feet high, while the South Arch is 103-feet high. You'll feel like an ant when you stand and look up at either arch. 

Twin Arches Loop Trail is the longer version of the hike at 4.6 miles roundtrip. With the length and number of steep staircases you have to clear, the hike has been ranked as moderate. Along the way, you encounter old rock shelters used by Native Americans, miners and early settlers. 

Your journey will take you above, below, and even in some of the little caves that nature has created. No matter how long you spend on the trail, you're guaranteed to see some eye-catching land and water features. 

The hike on the way to the arches features lush, full forests that are a bear haven. Several hikers have spotted black bears along the route, so know what to do if or when you see one of the forest's most misunderstood creatures. 

For Tennesee explorers looking to explore more of the earth's art, this cave and hidden lake offer up some more unbelievable views. 

Twin Arches 

Price: Free

Address: 4564 Leatherwood Road, Oneida, TN 37841

Why You Need To Go: The giant rock formations here resemble the larger than life structures in Arizona.