You'll Literally Be On Cloud 9 At The End Of This Scenic Hike In Tennessee

This is what paradise feels like.
This Moderate Hike In Tennessee Leads To A Breathtaking View Among The Clouds

Chattanooga is abundant in tourist attractions, but a ways off the crowded paths of downtown is a view that you don't have to pay for. Tennesseans and Georgians alike can flock to this trail right by the state border that's gorgeous no matter the season. Whichever trailhead you start, this moderate hike in Tennessee leads to a breathtaking view. 

If you want the full experience of Snoopers Rock Trail, you have to make it through 5.9 miles of walkways featuring scenic views along the way. This distance is what gives this hike a rating of "moderate," along with a few fallen trees you might have to clear before you make it to the top. 

If you're not up for the challenge, there's a shortcut that shaves off substantial time and energy. The shorter trailhead begins in a much closer parking lot and it's less than a mile roundtrip.

Both routes take you to the top of Snoopers Rock, so you end up at the same magical overlook. The rock offers stunning views of the Tennessee River Gorge, which appears to move so slowly when you're up so high. 

We recommend you make the hike at sunrise when clouds and fog hang right above the river. It'll legitimately feel like you're on cloud nine. 

You don't have to experience nature's show alone. Dogs on leashes are welcome on the trails, so pack a morning breakfast for you and your pup and watch the sun warm up the skies.  

If you want to uncover more of the natural beauty that Chattanooga has to offer, you can explore this colorful underground cave and 100-foot long suspension bridge.

Snoopers Rock Trail

Price: Free 

Address: Game Reserve Road, Chattanooga, TN

Why You Need To Go: You'll be on cloud nine (literally) at the end of this elevated trail. 


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