We've been #blessed with new and amazing Netflix movies recently. Netflix originals make us laugh, cry, and even make us turn them off because they're too scary. But we live for them and don't mind staying in an extra night a week to binge watch all of them. Or is that just me?

Last week, we wrote about The Kissing Booth which is an awfully good but bad cheesy movie. While these two are completely different genres, they do have one thing in common: the importance of friendship. Whether your best friend is a guy or a girl, your friendship with each other is one of the most important in your life. And we're all for these BFF movies on Netflix recently. 

Whether you liked The Kissing Booth or not, this new movie named Ibiza is totally different and even though, like a lot of Netflix movies, it's pretty unrealistic, we're super into it. Ibiza is about one friend who gets the opportunity to travel to Barcelona for a business trip and decides to bring her two BFFs with her her two BFFs insist on coming even though it's an important work trip for her. 

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Obviously it starts off with them having the time of their lives in Barcelona, until one of the friends falls in love with the DJ playing at a club. She somehow goes backstage, and he gives her his number. She realizes that she really likes this popular DJ, and she is able to see him play in Ibiza if she ditches her work meeting the next day. 

As you can probably tell from the title, the three girls travel to Ibiza to see if this thing is meant to be. This movie shows how strong great friendships can be and how important it is to follow your heart and be spontaneous! This movie is really a compilation of Girls Trip, Bridesmaids, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. What a great mix. 

To find out what happens at the end, you can now stream Ibiza on Netflix now! And watch the trailer below, as you'll laugh a million times just watching that.