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This New App Creates Legally Binding Contracts For Consensual Sex And People Don't Know How To Feel About It

In the wake of consent becoming such a hot topic, and how volatile consent can become when people aren't properly educated on it, a start-up company has come out with what seems like an app that will solve everything.

The Dutch company released their new app "LegalFling," and the goal of it is to make consensual sex not just consensual, but legally consensual. The whole idea came about when the Swedish government decided that explicit consent was necessary before intercourse.

The way the app works is that you can request consent from any of your contacts on your phone. Not only can you request consent on the app, but you can also choose what you are down to do and what you aren't. Examples include approving of any kind of photos or video being taken, BDSM or even verifying that you don't have any STD's.The goal ultimately being to help make sure that sex is fun and safe.

Via Legal Fling

So how is it all verified? The company actually uses the same method that current cryptocurrencies are using to verify transactions- the blockchain. If you don't know what the blockchain is, it's basically a record of everything (in the case of cryptocurrency) a single piece of cryptocurrency has been through, kind of like a never-ending receipt. So in the case of LegalFling, it's like a receipt of all the consent you've given or received.

Though the app is no joke, when you do give consent, it's a legally binding agreement. So the company tries to make it as clear as possible that you really want to be sure before you do click yes considering if you were to change your mind mid-way through, well, nobody has really gotten to that point yet. Many have noted that problems could arise say if one person signed off on the app and then changed their mind. At that point, if "LegalFling" became a legitimate piece of evidence in sexual assault cases, it could actually do the opposite of what its intentions were.

Via Legal Fling

It should be noted though that LegalFling does have it embedded in the agreement that if someone changes their mind, then there is an exception and there is even a revoke consent option. Though if you don't actually physically revoke the consent on the app, we get right back into that subjective grey area that is haunting millions of sexual assault cases right now.

Though while there are pros and cons to the app, at least the company's heart is in the right place. The whole point is for people to gain explicit consent so that there are no mistakes, no regrets, and just a good time. If you are curious to check out their website, you can learn more by clicking here. Until then, we'll just have to wait and see what the future has in store for this app.