This New Canadian Airline Will Sell $10 Flights For Its First 1,000 Customers In 2018

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This New Canadian Airline Will Sell $10 Flights For Its First 1,000 Customers In 2018

Discount airlines may have had a rough start, but after years of turbulence, they may take flight in Canada. A number of ultra-low-cost carriers have launched in the past year, with names like Flair, Primera and Swoop making their way onto Canada's travel scene.

But one discount airline is giving "low cost" a new meaning. Canada Jetlines is a newcomer that dedicates itself to frugal travellers who seek ultra low prices for flights. President and CEO Stan Gadek even mentioned that the company aims to sell flights for the price of a pair of jeans ($100 or less).

"Jeans come in all sizes, styles and prices, but these are going to be very affordable jeans," Gadek stated.

In a recent investor conference hosted by The Howard Group, Gadek gave an overview of the company to a group of fund managers, investment advisors and private investors. He seems hopeful that Canada Jetlines will be able to survive in the Canadian market, as there isn't much competition at the moment.

"Approximately 86% of the domestic market is controlled by Air Canada and WestJet," his presentation reads.

The airline is planning to launch ticket sales in Spring 2018, with operations beginning as early as Summer 2018. Canada Jetlines is so committed to its ultra-low-cost philosophy that its even offering $10 flights to its first 1,000 Canadian customers!

Canadians interested in this deal should pay close attention to, as more information on this promo will be released nearer to the ticket sale launch.