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This New Escape Game In Atlanta Is A Real Life American Horror Story

As escape rooms become increasingly popular, there is a ton of competition to create the craziest experience. In order to achieve that goal, escape rooms must be super fun, scary and extra realistic. As more escape games pop up throughout Atlanta, you can bet that they will continue to make these rooms feel more like a reality. This new Atlanta escape room opening this month is going to have an epic hyper-realistic asylum escape, making your American Horror Story nightmares come true.

Rush Escape Room will be opening at the end of this month in Lawrenceville, joining sister company, The Amazing Escape in Norcross. Millennials love thrills and it may sound crazy, but you can't deny that we want to experience what it's like to be in a torturous night terror (as long as we aren't actually threatened, of course) and Rush can help.

We all know and love the second season of American Horror Story that takes place in a true story-based insane asylum in the 1960s and it is literally a living hell. This escape game emulates what it must feel like to be Sarah Paulson. You're trapped in a mental hospital in this Halloween-themed thrill and you must work with your team to solve puzzles, crack codes and determine riddles in only 45 minutes before the the crazy patients come for you.

Other games at Rush will include escaping a creepy cabin in the middle of the woods or reversing a time-travel horror in an '80s-themed experience. They also have a unique Virtual Reality grid room with over 100 VR games that include both escape experiences and traditional VR games, from scary to funny. 

The exact opening date this month is to be determined, but you can check the website or follow them on Instagram for updates. Narcity will follow the story and provide more details when possible.

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Rush Escape Room: Asylum

Price: $28

Address: 1000 Hurricane Shoals Rd NE Suite B-800 Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Why You Need To Go: To experience a real life American horror story by using your street smarts and team building skills in this thrilling adventure to escape an insane asylum.