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Eat MealFirst Is Toronto's Newest Food Delivery App And Their Fees Are Super Low

Budget-friendly takeout for foodies and local restaurants alike.
Eat MealFirst Is Toronto's Newest Food Delivery App And Their Fees Are Super Low

It's pretty safe to say that 2020 is the year of delivery. Not only is it acceptable to order in a few nights a week — it's encouraged! Supporting local businesses during COVID-19 can be done from the comfort of your home and with the ease of a new meal-delivery app.

Eat MealFirst, whose headquarters are in the GTA, launched in January 2020, bursting onto the delivery-app scene on the Apple Store and Google Play, offering lower fees for both restaurants and customers. Plus, they now deliver in Toronto too!

We don't know about you, but we've certainly gone to order a meal for "one" that suddenly adds up to $50+ and sends us into a spiral of hunger and wondering how to support local without breaking the bank. 

Show your support for your community eateries and rest easy knowing that more of your money stays in the hands of your personally top-rated lunch spot. Let's break it down:

Food-delivery apps charge a fee to you and charge participating eateries a percentage rate based on the amount of your bill — meaning that, of that $40 order you placed, up to $14 doesn't go to the restaurant. That's 35% — a lot of money in unprecedented times!

Most apps charge around 25-35%, and here's where Eat MealFirst makes their commitment to support local communities clear: their rates are reduced up to 50% versus other competitors. YES! We're here for lower fees for all!

We're all in this together, and we can all be in this together — with tasty snacks. Eat MealFirst can even deliver groceries for you! Order your groceries like you would takeout: choose from sections like pasta, fruits and vegetables, tofu and plant-based proteins, and even the pharmacy section.

Eat MealFirst offers delivery services for groceries within 24-48 hours — perfect for getting the supplies you need while social distancing.

And when it comes to promos, Eat MealFirst has your back! We're not kidding: right now, for a limited time only, you can actually get a total of $18 off your first 3 orders.

Save on fees with Eat MealFirst

What: Lower fees to get delish eats from your favourite local restaurants or to check items off your grocery list.

Where: Now available in Toronto and the Durham region.

How to Sign Up: Download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

Why You Need It: You can support local, skip the cleanup, and avoid hefty fees.

Head to the official Eat MealFirst website to download the app today! Stay in the loop by following them on Facebook and Instagram.