This New Mysterious And Romantic Series On Netflix Will Make You Addicted By The First Episode

There are two kinds of people in the world: those that are romantics, and those that are not. And those who binge watch shows in one sitting, and those who can wait and not care. Add both of those things together, and this is the perfect show for you. If you're a romantic that is obsessed with binge watching shows, get ready!

Netflix is releasing a new original series called The Innocents. When are they releasing it? No Idea. What's it about? No idea. And I'm not kidding. Watch the trailer here to understand it yourself: 

Okay, so we do sort of know what it's about. But from the trailer, what you see, is not what you see. Whatever that means! Teenagers run away from their families in order to be together. Their families, who do not condone their relationship, have secrets about their lives too. It's a journey of self discovery for all of them, but the dreams of the two innocent teens are soon to be crushed. Did you get any of that from the trailer? I didn't. 

The announcement of the new series came on February 15th, but no release date has been said. This British series will include actors such as Guy Pearce, Percelle Scott and Sorcha Groundsell. Keep an eye out for a more in depth trailer, or just anything to give us more insight on this new series. 

Via YouTube