This New Netflix Canada Original Series Follows A Girl That's Unknowingly Dating An Escort And Wow, It's Wild

The Hook Up Plan is the best new series coming to Netflix.
This New Netflix Canada Original Series Follows A Girl That's Unknowingly Dating An Escort And Wow, It's Wild

Netflix has been churning out new Netflix Original shows and movies that have been killing it recently. From shows such as Making A Murderer 2 to movies like ToAll The Boys I've Loved Before. It's safe to say that Netflix has been really successful lately.

The latest series to come out of Netflix though has been attracting a ton of attention and it's called The Hook Up Plan- especially after the adorable and hilarious teaser was shared a few months back. If you are a fan of a heartwarming romantic comedy with some hilariously awkward moments, this is definitely the series for you. 

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Via Netflix | YouTube

The story follows a woman who is single and giving up on the dating game even though her two best friends are trying to get her to meet new people. In an effort to help her get excited about dating again, one of her friends hires an escort to "randomly" bump into her and kick-start a whirlwind romance. All while she believes she just met genuinely met the man of her dreams. 

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It definitely sounds like every single person's nightmare but the result is a series that's perfect to binge for your next Girls Night In. While the original show was filmed in French, you do have the option to either use English subtitles or watch the English dubbed version. 

Y’all, at the intersection of my favorite things: romantic comedies, French shit, fake relationships, and lady friend groups lies this new series coming to coming to Netflix in December. And I can’t wait! I give you The Hook Up Plan...

November 18, 2018

Fans are already patiently waiting in excitement for the series to finally be available and from the trailer, we can understand why! 

Dubbed versions of movies and TV shows have been trending lately after the success of Spanish series, Elite that earned a significant amount of praise in North America regardless of only having English subtitles. Another movie named The Judgementalso earned a cult following even though it was Thai. 

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Thankfully you won't have to wait too long to enjoy this series considering it's going to be available on Netflix Canada for users to enjoy on December 7th. Though if you want to find some holiday movies to watch in the meantime, you can check out our roundup of the 25 best movies to catch this season on the platform. Happy streaming! 

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